Future Intelligence

Future Intelligence (FINT), SmartProduct’s coordinator, is a Telecom engineering company that offers a comprehensive range of remote wireless device management solutions and applications for Smart City and Smart and Collaborative Farming among others.

FINT is active in the field of embedded systems engineering, wireless communications, IoT service delivery and scientific research. Specifically it offers:

  • wireless sensors’ management solutions and control devices for industrial and semi-industrial installations
  • product certification solutions with smart tags
  • remote telemetry solutions for controlling unmanned vehicles using 4th generation wireless networks
  • Research and Development services to third parties

Moreover, the company is active at the research level in the fields of 5G and Future Internet networks, sensor networks, cloud systems and services for unmanned vehicles. FINT has extensive experience in implementing research and development projects at national level (NSRF 2007-2013) and European level (FP7, H2020), participating in various projects such as MED (FUTUREMED), Interreg (RAIL4SEE), FP7 (QUHOMA, DARIUS, FUSEPOOL), H2020 (INCOVER), NSRF 2007-2013 (NANOTHER, SPIN-OFF) and others.

Foundation for Research and Technology – Institute of Computer Science (ICS)

The Foundation for Research and Technology (FORTH) is one of the largest research centers in Greece with well-organized facilities and specialized staff. The Institute of Computer Science (ICS), one of the seven institutes of FORTH, has a relatively long history and recognized tradition since its inception in 1983. More precisely, its research focuses on conducting basic and applied research, developing applications and products and providing leading services in Greece and abroad in respect to the ICT sector. FORTH will participate in the project with the Laboratory of Telecommunications and Networks which is actively involved in research and development in the field of wired and wireless networks, security, wireless multi-hop and ad hoc architectures, Internet of Things, Fog Computing and SDN.

The Laboratory has participated in various projects such as ICT: EU-MESH, HYDROBIONETS, RERUM, MC-IAPP: MESH-WISE, SOrBet, IST: M3I, SCAMPI, COST Action 290, ACTS: CASHMAN, REDComm, RE