About Us


SmartProduct will implement IoT technologies after

  • designing and developing a flexible and secure platform,
  • using state-of-the-art smart tags and sensors,
  • smart routers-gates, wireless nodes and cloud services.

The communication protocols and the platform’s interaction mechanisms are designed for maximum security, privacy, energy efficiency and interoperability. Appropriate user interfaces will also be designed to maximise experience when SmartProduct is uptaken by end-users.


  1. lack of Agrifood supply chain traceability,
  2. lack of Agrifood supply chain transparency,
  3. unavailability of turnkey, integrated, end-to-end systems
  4. lack of inclusiveness of end-user requirements like experience, flexibility and fast responsiveness
  5. isolation of IT systems from Operational Processes resulting to systems’ interoperability.


  • Reduction of food wastes during the complex supply chain
  • Reduction of the complexity and errors during products’ delivery/ acceptance
  • Timely update of relevant parties in case of sudden changes or needs
  • Increase trust and optimise cooperation between Supply Chain players
  • Increased consumers’ brand loyalty and trust during transfer, processing, storage and shelf-life
  • Food safety promotion, new services for consumer experience and stimulation of the interdisciplinary stakeholders of the Agrifood supply-chain.